The Norwegian Colour and Visual Computing Laboratory

Head of lab

Portrettbilde av Marius Pedersen

Marius Pedersen

Associate professor A208 61135246 93634385 Color imaging, image quality, print quality

Administrative support

Portrettbilde av Rachael McCallum

Rachael McCallum

Executive Officer A228 61135209


Portrettbilde av Jon Yngve Hardeberg

Jon Yngve Hardeberg

Professor RB03 61135215 Colour imaging

Associate Professors

Portrettbilde av Faouzi Alaya Cheikh

Faouzi Alaya Cheikh

Associate Professor RB05 61135203 95187956 Image and Video processing and Analysis, Coding and Compression of Media Data
Portrettbilde av Peter Nussbaum

Peter Nussbaum

Associate professor, PhD A208E +4761135198 +4795872815 Color imaging, color theory, digital image reproduction, color management, color measurement, image quality, standardization, PSO

Assistant Professors and Adjunct Faculty

Portrettbilde av Eivind Arnstein Johansen

Eivind Arnstein Johansen

Assistant professor Mustad - M304 61 13 54 15 Information architecture, wayfinding systems, digital prepress tools, colour management
Portrettbilde av Frode Volden

Frode Volden

Associate professor A212 d (+47) 61 13 52 57 User centered design

Postdoc Researchers

Portrettbilde av Sony George

Sony George

Researcher A 225 61 13 52 11 92 55 64 85
Portrettbilde av Steven Le Moan

Steven Le Moan

Postdoctoral researcher (HyPerCept project) Color image processing

PhD Students

Portrettbilde av Arne Magnus Bakke

Arne Magnus Bakke

PhD Candidate A102 61135261
Portrettbilde av David Völgyes

David Völgyes

PhD Candidate A248 47170724
Portrettbilde av Ferdinand Deger

Ferdinand Deger

PhD Candidate A202C 61135445 Colorlab
Portrettbilde av Joschua Thomas Simon-Liedtke

Joschua Thomas Simon-Liedtke

PhD Candidate Røde Barakker 35378 35378 image processing, color image quality, color deficiency
Portrettbilde av Ping Zhao

Ping Zhao

PhD Candidate A202B +4797930572 Color imaging, color reproduction, image quality, electric display, color perception
Portrettbilde av Radovan Slavuj

Radovan Slavuj

PhD Candidate A 018 D 35261 90408556
Portrettbilde av Ruven Pillay

Ruven Pillay

PhD Candidate A208B Hyperspectral Imaging
Portrettbilde av Xingbo Wang

Xingbo Wang

PhD Candidate, visiting scholarship A252
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